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You know how sensitive girls are about the reputation. Most of us guys can surely remember when we were teens just how hard it was to get laid. As guys we’d want to lose our virginities at like the age of 13 already if we could have our way and we certainly never stop trying. So of course then the only thing preventing us from achieving this any sooner is that the girls don’t want to, and not because they’re not horny, but out of fear of being branded a slut for doing so.

That, in principle, I have always felt is bullshit. If a boy somehow miraculously gets laid two weekends in a row he’d be the hero of all of the boys in school, never mind just his close friends, but if a girl did that she’d be labelled an outright slut by, importantly, all the girls in her school.

However, if you’re 18 years old and already completely comfortable with getting fucked up the ass, you are indeed a slut and that is the case with many of the girls on this site. And that’s great by the way 🙂

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What I love about this site and sets them apart from the other softcore photography sites that seem so similar to them is that they’re not always all that softcore in fact it can get pretty racy at times. More often than I expected actually.

I happen to have just recently written a piece on one of these so called “nude art” sites which has always been a load of bullshit. It has always been some transparent cover name for the pretentious who wish to think themselves superior to us filthy common rabble who indulge in the carnal sins of pornography.

It has always been a guise, a another name and an excuse so that they can make it seem like what they are doing is sophisticated, they are perusing art.

In modern times what used to set them apart – the extreme quality in terms of resolution of pics –  is no longer a factor since all porn sites worth a damn run at the best tech and therefore resolutions possible, just the same as the so called “art” sites.

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